Top 10 Sustainability Consulting Firms 2024

April 3, 2024
Explore the top sustainability consulting firms of 2024, leading the way in eco-friendly business strategies and innovative solutions.

Sustainable practices and requirements are ever-evolving, and sustainability consultancies are increasingly important for helping businesses navigate them. By partnering with a reputable sustainability consulting firm, you can gain access to the latest insights, best practices, and innovative solutions for a better future.

1. Euphemia


Established: 2023

At Euphemia, we help illuminate a clear, sustainable path forward by combining proven business capabilities with leading climate technology.

Founded in 2023 and certified by Cambridge University’s “Institute of Sustainability Leadership”, we consult and help organizations to redefine their strategies, include sustainability in their marketing operations, navigate disclosure and regulatory requirements, and help accelerate their transformation to drive long-term value creation. Euphemia’s commitment to sustainability is integrated into our marketing strategy, aiming to shape a more sustainable future in collaboration with our clients.

2. Deloitte


Established: 1845

Deloitte was founded in 1845 and has over 156,000 employees. It provides audit, tax, consulting, risk management, and financial advisory services to clients across a diverse range of industries.

The company launched GreenSpace Tech, a technology initiative, in January 2023. As part of this, Deloitte conducts research on topics such as ESG commitments and finance. Deloitte’s sustainability consulting operations focus on helping organizations integrate sustainability into their strategies and operations. They offer services to guide businesses in redefining their strategies, embedding sustainable practices, navigating regulatory requirements, and accelerating transformation toward long-term value creation. 

3. dss+


Established: 1968

DuPont Sustainable Solutions, rebranded as dss+, has been operating for nearly six decades. The company serves industries such as food and beverage, transportation, and oil and gas.

dss+ is committed to integrating sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles into business operations. They specialize in translating sustainability into relevant, practical strategies for diverse industries, ensuring that initiatives not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to long-term value creation. Their expertise encompasses a broad range of services, including sustainable strategies, ESG reporting, and impact measurement, aimed at protecting, transforming, and sustaining organizational changes towards achieving their clients’ sustainability visions. 

4. ERM


Established: 1995

Environmental Resources Management, or ERM, is one of the largest sustainability consulting firms in the world. They provide clients with more than fifty years of experience, accrued since 1971, to help them meet their sustainability ambitions, including low-carbon future transitions and business resilience.

ERM offers comprehensive sustainability consulting services. Their approach spans from targeted technical solutions to full-scale strategic planning, aimed at addressing the most pressing sustainability challenges and opportunities faced by leading organizations worldwide. 

5. Boston Consulting Group


Established: 1995

Boston Consulting Group is a leading management consulting firm. Founded in 1963, it has over 80 offices in more than 45 countries.

By gaining deep insights into both a company’s and a market’s dynamics, it offers a bespoke approach that secures long-term results, sustainable advantages, and organizational growth for its clients. To provide further support to its clients, BCG established the BCG Center for Climate & Sustainability, where experts specialize in a range of topics, including circular economy and transition financing.

6. EY


Established: 1989

Ernst & Young (EY), a member of the prestigious ‘Big Four’, is renowned for its wide range of professional services, including audit, tax, and advisory, spanning over 150 countries with a robust workforce. EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) leverages interdisciplinary teams to assist companies in handling the complexities of sustainability, environmental, and safety challenges while uncovering potential opportunities. 

Their CCaSS division focuses on delivering environment, health, and safety solutions, alongside enhancing corporate reporting and sustainability accounting practices.

7. McKinsey & Company


Established: 1926

Its services include strategies for achieving net-zero emissions, supporting financial institutions in their transition, and fostering sustainable investing. Additionally, McKinsey has launched a dedicated platform to advance climate technology initiatives.

Established in 1976, McKinsey has become a pivotal advisor to worldwide businesses and governments. The firm excels in providing comprehensive solutions in sustainability, climate change, energy transition, and ESG, aiding clients in achieving sustainable growth. 

8. PA


Established: 1943

PA Consulting, founded in 1943, is a global consulting firm that brings ingenuity to life by combining innovative thinking with breakthrough technologies. Their sustainability consulting services are designed to help clients navigate the complexities of creating a sustainable world. 

PA Consulting partners with organizations to develop strategies that enhance environmental, social, and economic sustainability, enabling them to adapt, transform, and achieve enduring results. 

9. Bain & Company


Established: 1973

Bain & Company, established in 1973, offers comprehensive sustainability consulting services aimed at integrating sustainability into core business strategies for lasting results. Their approach encompasses embedding sustainability across various aspects of an organization, from strategy and operations to customer value and transformation. 

Bain helps companies navigate sustainability challenges, optimize supply chains, and pursue equitable outcomes, ensuring that sustainability efforts enhance both environmental and business performance. 

10. Roland Berger


Established: 1967

Roland Berger, founded in 1967, is a global consulting firm known for its deep commitment to driving sustainability and climate action. Their sustainability consulting services cover a wide range of areas including hydrogen energy, carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), waste-to-X solutions, sustainable materials, and sustainable operations and supply chains. 

With a focus on best practices and broad experience, Roland Berger assists companies and organizations in improving their environmental impact through strategic planning, policy shaping, and technological innovation across various sectors.

These top sustainability consulting firms stand out for their deep expertise, comprehensive services, and innovative ways of integrating sustainability into business.

In navigating the complexities of sustainability and pursuing long-term value creation and a healthier planet, these consultancies play a crucial role as key partners for businesses.

Do you need expert advice on how to make your business more sustainable? Contact Euphemia Marketing CEO, Effie.