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Effie Bersoux

Digital Marketer and Enterpreneur

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B.Sc. (Computer Science)
Master of Computer Applications


7 Years of teaching experience
5 Years experience as CEO

Employee Rating



Inter College WiFi System
Taxi Management Android App
School Homework App (Mac)


November, 2014

Whether you have a new business and you need a kick-start or your business is stuck and you feel overwhelmed, I’ ll help you find your way forward!

I am experienced in helping businesses grow. Let’ s discuss how I can help and get to work right away!

how i can work for you

digital marketing offered three-ways

Consultation in Jyotish
one-off consulting

Have a consulting session by the hour.

You are facing a specific issue and you need my help.

You need my opinion on a specific project.

Business team discussing in a meeting

work with you or your team

(Have Me Consult Only)
You already have a strong online marketing team and you need extra help.

In this case, I usually help by creating a Digital Marketing Strategy and consulting on the implementation process.

I also help by taking care of:

Sales Funnel
Conversion Rate Optimization
Content marketing that brings results

Team of young designers team in a meeting

work for you with my team

(Have Me Do Everything)

You don’t have enough resources in terms of people or time.

Hire me as your full time Digital Marketing Consultant and we’ll take care of the rest.

My powerfull team and I are totally prepared to take over your Digital marketing in a holistic way.